Be a Life Long Learner

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Welcome to Episode 13 of Home Care Assistance Live here from Brick, New Jersey.

Today we are going to discuss how lifelong learning can help keep older brains healthy and increase long term mental capabilities. Naturally, a healthy brain is something we all strive for.  We all want to live out the golden years of our life as sharp as possible.  Losing our memory and ability to function is a very frightening thought for all of us, as is the thought of dementia or Alzheimer’s and the idea that with the onset of these diseases, we may eventually not recognize our loved ones.

One of the big secrets of continuing brain health and healthy longevity Is to be a lifelong learner. There are a lot of studies about this. Studies show that adults who continually learn new skills are not only less likely to develop early signs of Dementia or Alzheimer’s, but they are also likely to gain many more benefits, such as reducing their rate of depression and anxiety.

Being a lifelong learner and learning new skills also reduces stress. Stress causes a loss of connective synapses, which is how your brain passes messages along in the frontal lobe as you age.  This leads to a loss of memory.  In addition, the hippocampus, where we make new memories, continues to build new neurons throughout our entire life. Stress and worry causes a slowdown in the building of these neurons, which negatively impacts our memory.  By being a lifelong learner and learning new skills, we reduce or eliminate stress, depression and anxiety, which in turn helps us maintain our memories and fight off diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

So hopefully this helps and we are always available at Home Care Assistance to answer any questions related to Dementia care.   You can also visit our Dementia and Alzheimer’s Resource Center for more information.