Dementia Care

Dementia Care Support for Seniors in Jersey Shore

Caring for a senior loved one with dementia can be a difficult journey. Making decisions about where your loved one will live and how he or she can remain safe and comfortable may prove to be challenging. With the right support, these decisions are often easier, and important goals such as aging in place become more realistic. At Home Care Assistance of Jersey Shore, we support families who are facing the challenges of dementia. By providing high-quality, compassionate in-home dementia care, we create meaning and purpose for seniors and make it possible for them to continue enjoying all the benefits of home.

Personalized Dementia Care Tailored to Individual Needs

Perhaps one of the most challenging parts of a dementia diagnosis is how individual the disease is. While one senior might wander in the late evening hours, another might need assistance with bathing and grooming, and yet another might simply need reminders and support while a family caregiver is away at work. Home Care Assistance Jersey Shore recognizes the importance of providing our memory care clients with the customized care they deserve. Our services are available anytime day or night, and we provide all levels of support from part-time care to around-the-clock assistance. As a senior’s care needs change, our dementia care plans and hours of service can be easily modified to always meet them.

Dementia Caregivers Bond with Their Clients to Enhance Quality of Life

In addition to providing personalized care, one of the most important things you can do for a senior loved one with dementia is build and foster a relationship. Forming bonds, telling jokes, giving hugs, and earning smiles have all been proven to have positive benefits. At Jersey Shore Home Care Assistance, building relationships with the seniors we serve is an important part of the care we provide. All dementia care clients receive our complimentary matching service, which pairs them with caregivers based on personality traits, interests, and hobbies. These bonds help seniors feel valued and comfortable with their care. Bonding can also slow the pace of cognitive decline, help seniors feel confident about retaining their highest level of independence, and ultimately lead to a better home care experience.

Our Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ Boosts Brain Health

To further enhance quality of life for our clients with dementia, all of Home Care Assistance’s dementia caregivers receive ongoing training in our proprietary Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ (CTM). This revolutionary method provides engaging activities that exercise the brain, stimulate the mind, and even slow cognitive decline, helping seniors remain healthy and independent for longer. 

To learn more about CTM and our high-quality dementia home care, contact Home Care Assistance in Jersey Shore and request a free in-home consultation. Our experienced Care Managers are available 24/7 to take your call at 732-930-1935.