Hourly Care

Professional In-Home Respite Care in Jersey Shore

Caring for an aging loved one is a labor of love. While providing care offers many benefits for both you and your loved one, the strain that comes with giving so much of yourself day in and day out can cause exhaustion, stress, and anxiety. It can even negatively impact the relationship between you and your loved one as well as your own physical health. To overcome these challenges, it is important to accept support and take time for yourself. Home Care Assistance of Jersey Shore, is here to help. Our respite care services offer family caregivers the opportunity to step away from their duties and focus on their own needs. With professional caregivers and personalized care plans, respite care is the perfect solution, allowing families to find balance, security, and peace of mind.

Flexible Respite Care Available Whenever You Need Time Away

As a family caregiver, it can sometimes be difficult to manage your own life. If you are taking care of a senior loved one who is housebound or has dementia, leaving him or her alone while you run a quick errand could be challenging and even dangerous. With the help of Home Care Assistance Jersey Shore’s respite care, you never have to worry when you need to leave home and focus on yourself for a while. Our flexible caregiver scheduling means professional support is available any time of day or night and even for an extended time while you travel for work or vacation. As your loved one’s care needs change, the schedule can be easily adapted to meet them, and emergency assistance is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week thanks to our qualified Care Managers.

Respite Caregivers Manage Tasks That Are Too Challenging for Families

If your loved one needs extensive support, certain tasks may be physically and mentally exhausting for you as a family caregiver. This is especially true for aging spouses. In some cases, these physical burdens may become too much to manage, which might lead to your family feeling like placement in an assisted living facility is the only alternative. At Jersey Shore Home Care Assistance, our respite care offers the ideal solution for family caregivers who are having difficulty meeting the physical and personal care needs of an aging loved one at home. Our professional respite caregivers assist with tasks such as bathing, grooming, toileting, ambulation, and transfers. This takes the strain off family caregivers while also promoting safety and comfort for the senior in need. 

As a family caregiver, remember how important it is to take care of yourself and find support. Home Care Assistance in Jersey Shore can help you prevent caregiver burnout. To learn more about the respite care we offer, call (732) 930-1935 and request a no-obligation evaluation today.