Stroke Care

Jersey Shore’s Leading In-Home Care for Stroke Survivors

Most stroke survivors share a goal of returning home and regaining independence. Even with the right medical team and family support, this can be challenging. Keeping up with medical appointments, remembering to take new medications, following healthy meal guidelines, and managing personal care needs without succumbing to exhaustion or frustration requires patience, focus, and a great deal of attention. This is where Home Care Assistance of Jersey Shore, comes in. Our professional caregivers assist stroke survivors with a variety of non-medical needs while encouraging families and providing valuable peace of mind.

With our help, many seniors:

Although you may feel surrounded by chaos as you look to coordinate care for a loved one, know that you are not alone. The experienced and dedicated Client Care Managers at Home Care Assistance Jersey Shore are here to help. They take the time to listen, learn and understand the needs of the client and their family, creating a detailed stroke care and recovery plan that can include help with any or all of the following:

  • Return home sooner
  • Avoid hospital readmissions
  • Enjoy a more complete recovery
  • Successfully attend doctor and therapy appointments
  • Benefit from companionship that prevents feelings of loneliness and isolation

Reliable Stroke Caregivers Provide Personalized Care

Rehabilitation therapists agree repetition and focus are both important aspects of a successful recovery from a stroke. Seniors must take steps to regain mobility and independence as well as avoid doing too much, too soon to reach benchmarks toward recovery and prevent injury and setbacks. At Jersey Shore Home Care Assistance, our stroke caregivers work with carefully developed and personalized care plans to encourage seniors to get involved in activities that promote a healthy and complete recovery. As professionals, they also monitor seniors for signs of exhaustion, weakness, and setbacks and remind them to pace themselves and take breaks. This approach helps seniors remain safe while leading to better outcomes and making for a more positive home care experience.

Flexible Stroke Care to Meet Changing Needs During Recovery

Since there is no specific timetable for stroke recovery, flexibility is a crucial part of effective stroke care. While some seniors might need assistance with personal care, transportation, and meal preparation, others might benefit from moderate supervision, companionship, and medication reminders. Home Care Assistance Jersey Shore offers a premium level of flexibility to create the most enriching stroke recovery experience. Our stroke caregivers are available day or night, part-time, around the clock, and for emergency care. As care needs change, schedules can be easily adapted to always meet them, keeping seniors safe and comfortable and providing families with important peace of mind. 

The right type of support for a stroke survivor is a crucial part of recovery. If your loved one is ready to return home and begin rehabilitation, Home Care Assistance in Jersey Shore is here to help. Call us at 732-930-1935 to learn more and request a free consultation with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Care Managers.